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And after many trials and excellent engineering performance in a great international team, we are finally ready: 
the MANGIAPLASTICA can be bought. A large machine that recycles plastic waste or scrap tires into diesel fuel and other components. 
"Plastic waste in, diesel out!"
No garbage, no toxic gases, we use suitable filters. 


The operators receive approx. 70% diesel, 25% sulphur (99.9% pure) and 5% ash.

After approx. 6 months this system already generates a profit with appropriate utilization. However, the most important factor for everyone should be to remove plastic waste or old tires from our planet and recycle them in an environmentally friendly way. 

Size: 4 x 20 feet container, the MANGIAPLASTICA can also be used as a mobile unit on land.

3 machines are ready and have been tested.

Our team takes care of the setup and training.

3 years of free service support, worldwide.

 To protect development and patents, we only send edited images. Interested parties are invited to visit MANGIAPLASTICA and test the results. Mobile phones or cameras are not allowed on site.













Information: The successful referral fee for this product is $100,000 after purchase and payment.

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There are several ways to contact us:
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